saturday/ta/movie makin'/project makin'/ice skating competition.

haven't blogged in a while..
anyways, lots of things happened, but i'll put it in another post when i have pics to upload it with, haha. so, on saturday 07/04/2010, i hung out a whole day at ta mall with my bestie, jesslyn, and was introduced to her friend, ariya, who had a ice skating competition on that day, he got 2nd.


me, and a few of my friends made a movie for an english project, which resulted in a movie that's full of bullshit, hahaa. wasn't in the mood to make that movie, ugh. sooo, after done making the crap movie, hehe, me and my friend, jesslyn went to shinlin to eat and made our presentation for a competition on making an avatar for a local cellphone provider. i also studied my biology a little bit, gaahh!! idk what to do with school!!!

Jesslyn and my biology book @ shinlin

jesslyn & me

ariya & jesslyn

me & jesslyn

well, i'm off now. later aligator~

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