today's my seventeenth birthdayy!! yaayy! :D
had a blast today, my friends surprised me with a birthday cake, im really happy :)
but, i can't help it, i just don't like birthdays, no disrespect..
i just feel like i wanna stay where i am rite now..
huuhhh,, getting confused now.. :P
thanks to my dear family, friends, for they have helped me grow to what i am right now. thanks for all the support i have recieved and i only wish the best for the future. amen :)

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first preview!

finally, dad installed the scanner!
now i can upload my drawings, but i haven't edited them 'cuz my illustrator cd's still missing.

didn't make this on my own, didn't trace it or somethin', but this is originally drawn by loish from deviantart, i worship her :)
didn't make this by myself either, no credit for me. i love xiao yu, love tekken! YEAH!! :D

now this one i made by myself, hehee :P
i love alice in wonderland to death! tim burton and johnny depp are totally legendary!! :))

that's it from me today, gonna start my 1 week holiday, haha. later

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hi everyone! so this is my first post, yeay!! :)
i kinda suck at these things, so :P
anyway, yesterday my friends and i threw a birthday surprise for our friend, wynn. he's turning 18 and he even cried! aww..
anyway, it was really fun, we even threw him in the pool and all!
then we had dinner with his family, which is a little awkward but they insisted, so what can you do.
my adobe cd-rom dissapeared! crap! and i was going to install photoshop and illustrator! hope i can find it! wish me luck! :)

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