Happy Easter!

had my sweet seventeen party at march 31st, had a blast! got a surprise video from my besties, thanks a lot guys! it made me cryy.. ;'))
anywayss,, after that, it's easter week, and that means white thursday, good friday, and easter masses comin' up. oyea, Happy Easter everyone, i wanna dedicate some kind of drawing or something, but i haven't made anything. hahaa :P
so much for that, maybe next time..

me with my cake :)

me and titie

(from left to right) alexa, lani, jeno, tifany, alvina, me

(from left to right) felix, deppi, me, will
christa, kribo, chrisan

(from left to right) ber, ss, gene, lulu, me, sasa, jethro, sisca, aldo

me and my cousin
jepud and me
me and joanne
me and teppii

(from left to right) wynn, cella, joanne, leo, christie, nel(from left to right) teppi, cella, bianca, me, joanne

(from left to right) joanne, teppi, bianca, christie, jepud

thanks everyone!

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